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    Lying on the southernmost tip of hainan island, the city of sanya is skirted by mountains on three sides, and its 180-km-long coast is covered with whitish fine sand. The sea close by features a flat bottom and gentle waves, which are ideal for swimming, surfing and motorboat racing. lagoons, islands, coconut tree groves, beaches and caves are trump cards for sanya to attract visitors. With 300 fine days a year, sanya is a famed tourist city and wintering resort. Mayor seaside attractions: yaloog bay, tianyahaijiao (“the end of earth and the corner of the ocean”), mirages, the deer looking backward, nanshan cultural tourist zone, sunrise observation deck, sanya international golf club, and sanya tropical marine zoo. The beaches of sanya are also home to yalongwan national holiday resort, reputedly the
best wintering place china has to offer. all sorts of service facilities are available there, enabling visitors to play ocean sports as well as cliff climbing and golf.


    Dadoknghai is the name of a bathing beach in sanya. apart from the gentle sea and smooth beach, dadonghai’s allure also stems from its bright sunshine, coconut tree groves, colorful clouds and sails on the sea. Another plus for this “golden beach”: the temperature of seawater averages a perennial 26 degrees celsius.

NanShan Cultural Resort

    A new bio-tourist seaside resort is rising 40km west of sanya. far more than that, nanshan is actually a brand-new tourist resort where buddhism dominates but there is also something of everything –chinese culture, folkways, seascape, and historical heritage.

Monkey Island

    About 2 hours by drving from Sanya, taking boat or cable car to visit the monkey island. Enjoy the lovely monkeys as well as their professional performances.

WuZhi Mountain

    The 1,867-metre-high wuzhi mountain is tongshi was home to ancestors of li and miao peoples in hainan in remote antiquity. Wuzhishan international holiday villa has been built in the fashion of a forest park, whose peace and quier and natural beauty are enough to qualify the place as an international class-a tourist resort

      Haikou is capital of hainan province as well as a rising international tropical tourist seaside city. As befitted its reputation as a “coconut city”, the air of haikou is filled with the aroma of coconuts and the smell of the sea. kaikou also woos visitors from around the world with a myriad scenic spots and places of cultural interest. these include haikou park, five lords’ temple, hai rui’s tomb, holiday beach resort, and amusement park-on-the water, just to mention a few.

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